Lemon Shark

In this category, we read about Lemon Shark. The lemon shark looks very lovely due to its yellowish color and fins. Its fins easily identify it. Its fins are rectangular. So if you recognize the lemon shark, you should notice the fins of the shark. The other thing about the fins is that they are the same size. And this includes the following Topics:

  • Carpet Shark
  • Wobbegong Shark
  • Epaulette Shark
  • Dogfish Shark
  • Deep Blue Shark
Carpet Shark

The carpet shark has small fins and a short snout. Its color is brown with white spots. The shark is timid, so that it is life in the depth of sea grass beds and sandy regions. This shark, also known as the southern shark and ring necked shark.…..

Wobbegong Shark

They were related to the Orectolobidae Woebegone Shark, a common name given to the 12 species of some carpet sharks. These species are mostly found in the shallow temperate and tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean.. ….

Epaulette Shark

Epaulette shark is a species of the Hemiscylliidae family. These species are mostly found the shallow and tropical waters of Australia and the New Guinea. This shark’s familiar name came from the extensive white margarine black spot behind each pectoral fin.…..

Dogfish shark

The dogfish shark is also known as spiny dogfish. The spiny dogfish, spurdog, piked dogfish, or the mud shark is some of the best well-known species of the Squalidae shark’s family, the part of squali formers orders.

Deep Blue Shark

The deep blue shark is identified easily by its colors. Its color is deep indigo, so that it is easy to recognize. It has large fins and snout. It is large and has a slender body shape.