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Carpet Shark- Danger to humans, Food habits, Behavior…other information

Carpet Shark

The carpet shark has small fins and a short snout. Its color is brown with white spots. The shark is timid, so that it is life in the depth of sea grass beds and sandy regions. This shark, also known as the southern shark and ring necked shark. And mostly, it is also known as orectolobiformes. It has two dorsal fins and a small mouth. As the name suggests, it has carpet-like patterns; that’s why it is called a carpet shark. It looks like the whale shark that is the enormous whale in the water. The whale shark is about 14 meters long.


The tiny shark is found in various areas, including sandy shores, rocky reefs, and seagrass. It is very shy so that it is rarely seen during day time. It is mostly found 180 meters deep down inshore.


Appearance of Carpet Shark

The carpet shark is tiny in size and its color is dense brown with white spots on its body. The fins are fins of the shark brown with white blotches. But the coloration varies from individuals to individuals, from dark to light brownish color. Its maximum size is 91 cm long. So the average size is about from 60 to 90 cm.


The carpet shark is producing eggs in marine environment. Each egg has two elongated horns. The eggs are tiny that their babies are little in size, are too small in size.

Predators of Carpet Shark

The carpet shark is tiny in size so that it has so many predators in the water. Such as large fishes, they also considered the predators of the shark. The other predators of the shark are snails and marine mammals. The snails not hunt the shark but also prey on the eggs of the shark.

Food Habits

The shark also likes to feed warms, jellyfish, and insects. Due to its small size it is like to feed animals that are easy to prey on.

Important for humans

The shark fish’s behavior is very polite and calm, but on the other hand, it is a non-commercial shark that it is not like humans and the presence of peoples. The fishermen are not interested in this shark due to its small size and depth range. But it is hunted to make the beauty of the people’s aquarium.

Danger to humans

It is minimal in size and very shy. Due to its behavior and feeding habits, it is not dangerous for humans. On the other hand, it is not found near to the people’s activity areas.


The carpet shark is mostly found in all the oceans. But a large number of its population is present in the Indian pacific ocean.


Other species

There are the following species of carpet shark :

  • Grey carpet shark 
  • Epaulette Shark 
  • Speckled carpets shark
  • Grey Carpet Shark

The Grey carpet shark is mostly found in the Indian pacific ocean. It is capture by gears so that its population is decreased due to overfishing, but it is high survival rates. So that means it is endangered.
Epaulette Shark This is very small in size and very attractive. It is very active shark. But is influenced by its fins approaching the surface. It has more attractive patterns on its slender body. Mostly it is found in water about 165 feet in depth. It is like to live in sandy areas. Its size is bout 3 feet. The maximum length recorded by people is 4 feet. Generally, it is found in the bottom of the water so that it is like to eat prey that is available on the bottom of the water. Its hunting time is not fixed on others. It can be hunting the game any part of the day. It can eat various food. The female shark produces two eggs in each breeding and laying 50 eggs in a year. It is present in deep water so that it is not seen in people’s activity areas.

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